Are you currently working at FedEx and feeling a sense of unease about your job security? You’re not alone. In today’s ever-changing job market, it’s natural to have concerns about termination policies, especially when you rely on your job to make a living.

In this article, we’ll delve into FedEx Termination Policy in 2023. The world of employment is complex, and knowing where you stand is essential. 

We’ll discuss what it means to be an “at-will” employee, a term that can send shivers down the spine of anyone fearing sudden job loss. 

We understand that job security is a top concern, and we’re here to answer your burning questions about FedEx’s termination policy. 

Why does FedEx fire people, and what are the common reasons for termination? How many write-ups can you accumulate before facing termination? And what about attendance – how strict is FedEx when it comes to this? Let’s get started.

FedEx Termination Policy

Key Takeaways:

  1. FedEx is an “at-will” employer, allowing termination with or without cause, but specific reasons are common triggers.
  2. Attendance is vital at FedEx, impacting efficiency, customer satisfaction, and team dynamics.
  3. Accumulating write-ups varies by location, making clear communication and adherence to policies essential.
  4. Reemployment is possible after termination, depending on the reason and location, with an average waiting period of one year.

FedEx Termination Policy in 2023

FedEx, as of 2023, operates under an “at-will” employment model, meaning they can terminate employees at their discretion, either with or without a specific reason. 

This flexibility might raise employee concerns, but it’s important to note that FedEx does not terminate people arbitrarily. 

Instead, certain factors lead to termination, and it’s crucial to understand these conditions to navigate your employment securely.

Why Does FedEx Fire People?

FedEx, as an “at-will” employer, retains the authority to terminate employees. While it’s challenging to provide a concise answer to why they fire people, some common reasons are discussed below.

Consistent lateness and unexcused absences disrupt operations and affect team productivity. FedEx places a premium on attendance, making these infractions significant contributors to terminations.

Any form of theft within the company, whether it involves money, merchandise, or office supplies, is viewed as a breach of trust and a serious violation of company policies.

Violence, aggression, or harassment in the workplace is strictly prohibited. Any employee found engaging in such behavior is likely to face immediate termination.

FedEx has specific rules and regulations that employees are expected to follow. Repeated violations of these policies can result in termination, especially if they compromise safety or integrity.

It’s important to note that while these are some of the most common reasons for termination at FedEx, the list is not exhaustive. 

Each case is assessed individually, taking into account factors like the severity of the offense, the impact on the company, and the employee’s overall performance.

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How Many Write-Ups Before Termination at FedEx?

While FedEx follows an “at-will” employment model, where they can terminate employees with or without cause, they do not typically terminate employees lightly for minor infractions. 

Instead, the company often employs a system of verbal and written warnings before considering termination.

In the context of FedEx’s termination policy, write-ups are formal written warnings issued to employees when they miss work without a valid reason. 

The number of write-ups an employee can accumulate before facing termination can vary based on several factors.

Different FedEx facilities may have slightly different policies regarding write-ups and termination thresholds. This variation can depend on factors such as the workload at that specific location.

The impact of an employee’s absence on the workflow and operations at the facility can influence the number of write-ups deemed acceptable before termination. 

If an employee’s absenteeism significantly disrupts work processes, it may lead to quicker termination.

The discretion of the manager plays a role in this process. Some managers may be more lenient, while others may have a stricter approach to handling absenteeism and write-ups.

Therefore, the exact number of write-ups an employee can receive before facing termination is not the same across all FedEx locations. Some current employees suggest that it could be as low as one or range from three to four write-ups.

How Important Is Attendance at FEDEX?

Attendance is a paramount factor in the FedEx workplace, and it holds significant importance. Maintaining regular and punctual attendance is not only expected but is also considered a fundamental aspect of being a dependable and valued employee.

FedEx operates on tight schedules and relies on precise coordination to ensure packages reach their destinations on time. 

Employee attendance plays a critical role in maintaining operational efficiency. Consistent attendance ensures that shifts are adequately staffed, preventing disruptions in workflow.

FedEx prides itself on its commitment to delivering packages reliably and on schedule. Employee attendance directly impacts the company’s ability to meet customer expectations and maintain its reputation for timely deliveries.

To emphasize the importance of attendance, FedEx has established a call-out procedure that requires employees to notify their manager at least two hours before their scheduled start time if they anticipate being late or absent. 

While one unexcused absence may not immediately lead to termination, it can result in a write-up.

Can You Work at FedEx Again After Being Fired?

If you find yourself in a situation where you’ve been fired from FedEx, there’s hope for reemployment. However, the specifics of the reapplication process depend on various factors, including the reason for your termination and the location to which you wish to reapply.

While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer regarding how long you must wait before reapplying, most current employees suggest a waiting period of one year. 

However, the waiting period may vary based on the circumstances of your termination and the policies at the specific location you’re interested in.

The reason for your termination plays a significant role. If your termination was due to a minor infraction or absenteeism issues, your chances of reemployment may be more favorable than if you were terminated for a serious violation, such as workplace violence or theft.

FedEx locations may have slightly different reemployment policies, so it’s essential to inquire about their specific requirements and expectations when seeking to reapply.


Can You Apply at FedEx After Termination?

Yes, you can apply at FedEx after termination. However, the specific requirements for rehire will vary depending on the reason for termination.

How Many Write UPS Before Termination at FEDEX?

The number of write-ups before termination at FedEx varies depending on the severity of the offense. For example, a minor offense may only require one write-up, while a more serious offense may require three or more write-ups

Does FedEx Have a Rehire Policy?

Yes, FedEx has a rehire policy. However, the specific requirements for rehire will vary depending on the reason for termination.

Is FedEx Firing Employees?

Yes, FedEx is firing employees. However, the specific number of fired employees is not publicly available. FedEx has said that the layoffs are necessary to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Can FedEx Fire You for Calling Out?

Yes, FedEx can fire you for calling out. However, the specific policy may vary depending on the reason for the absence. In general, you will not be fired for calling out for a single day, but you may be fired if you have a pattern of absences.


In this comprehensive exploration of FedEx’s Termination Policy in 2023, we’ve uncovered essential insights that every FedEx employee should be aware of. FedEx operates under an “at-will” employment model, allowing them to terminate employees with or without cause, though it’s typically not done arbitrarily. 

Common reasons for termination include excessive absences, theft, violence, or positive drug tests, with reapplication possible after a waiting period.

Understanding why FedEx fires people is crucial, as it sheds light on what behaviors to avoid. Consistent attendance is a top priority at FedEx, as it ensures operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and a harmonious work environment. 

Typically issued for excessive absenteeism, write-ups are a precursor to termination, with the exact threshold varying by location.

If you’ve faced termination, the possibility of reemployment exists, with the waiting period and eligibility contingent on the circumstances and location. Remember, knowledge is power regarding job security and career advancement.

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