FedEx is a big name when we talk about delivering packages. Like all big companies, they have rules for their workers, especially when someone can’t come to work because they’re sick. 

Have you ever wondered how FedEx handles this?

It turns out FedEx has a unique way of managing sick days. Instead of regular sick days, they give something called “personal leave“. 

What does that mean for the folks who drive those big trucks or handle our precious packages?

As you read on, we’ll dive into what FedEx offers its workers when they feel under the weather. How many days can they take off? What happens if they need more? Stick around to find out!

FedEx sick leave policy

Key Takeaways:

  1. FedEx offers varying sick leave policies, with corporate employees receiving unlimited sick days.
  2. Ground and Freight employees accrue leave based on hours worked, differing by role and location.
  3. Employees can apply for short-term disability through the FMLA if they exceed their sick leave.
  4. FedEx workers should promptly communicate with their managers when unwell to ensure proper protocol is followed.

What Is FedEx’s Sick Leave Policy in 2023?

In 2023, FedEx will offer its corporate employees unlimited sick days. Package handlers, drivers, and warehouse staff earn paid time off (PTO) based on hours worked. Specifically, for every 20 hours they work, they get 1 hour off. 

So, if you’re a part-time worker, you can earn up to 40 hours off a year, while full-time employees can get 80 hours. This PTO can be used for sickness, vacations, or emergencies.

Does FedEx Have Sick Days?

FedEx does provide sick days, but the number varies. Corporate employees get unlimited sick days. Some other employees reported getting as much as 80 hours (or two weeks) of sick time each year, but their specific roles weren’t clear. 

Some workers mentioned getting only 5 sick days annually. However, contractors and drivers might not get any paid sick days.

Beyond the usual sick days, if an employee needs extended time off, they can apply for short-term disability through the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

This program allows for up to 12 work weeks of unpaid leave, accommodating both personal and family medical needs.

What Is the FedEx Ground Sick Leave Policy?

FedEx Ground combines all their paid time off, be it for sickness, vacation, or emergencies. Employees become eligible for this PTO after 90 days of work. 

The rate is consistent: both part-time and full-time package handlers earn 1 hour of PTO for every 20 hours worked.

What Is the FedEx Freight Sick Day Policy?

The number of sick days for FedEx Freight employees seems to depend on both the work location and the duration of employment with the company. 

Some reported getting 3 days after a year with the company; others said they got 5 days, but using them affected their attendance record.

Can FedEx Fire You for Being Sick?

At FedEx, the health and well-being of employees is very important. Generally, FedEx will not terminate employees simply for being sick. 

The company tends to be understanding, especially if an employee provides a doctor’s note justifying their absence.

However, consistent and prolonged absences without proper documentation or communication might be viewed differently. 

It’s essential to be active and keep the management informed in cases of extended illnesses. 

While FedEx places a high value on the dedication and health of its workforce, it’s also important for employees to be aware of their responsibilities in maintaining a smooth workflow.

 Being sick in itself isn’t the main reason for termination; how one manages and communicates those sick days plays a crucial role in job security. 

Transparency and open communication are key when dealing with workplace issues, including health concerns.

How Do You Call Out Sick at FedEx?

Every FedEx employee should be aware of the proper procedure to call out sick. It’s not just about informing the company but doing it the right way. When feeling sick and unable to attend work, the immediate step should be to call your assigned FedEx location. 

Speak directly to your manager, or if they’re unavailable, the manager on duty. Clearly state why you are absent and provide an estimated duration if possible.

FedEx, being a vast network, might have specific call-out numbers or protocols for some locations. 

It’s wise to be familiar with these so the process remains hassle-free even when you’re not feeling your best. Always keep a note of the necessary contact details and maintain open communication.

The process is straightforward, but ensuring you follow the right steps will prevent any misunderstandings or disruptions. 

It’s all about clarity and timeliness. Remember, while your health is very important, being considerate of the workflow will always be appreciated.

Does FedEx Pay Sick Leave?

FedEx compensates its employees during their sick leave. At its core, FedEx values the health and well-being of its workforce. 

While some roles within the company offer unlimited sick days, it’s essential to understand the pay structure accompanying these leaves.

Corporate employees, for instance, benefit significantly from the company’s sick leave policy. 

But it’s worth noting that the pay specifics may differ based on the employee’s role, the duration of employment, and the location. 

Certain positions, especially the package handlers and ground staff, have paid time off based on hours worked, which can be utilized for sick days, vacations, or emergencies.

But not all sick leaves may be paid. Some require the employee to tap into their acquired personal or vacation days. 

It’s advisable for employees to familiarize themselves with their specific contract details and communicate with HR for clarifications.

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How Do I Call in Sick FedEx?

To call in sick at FedEx, you can call the FedEx HR department and let them know that you are unable to work due to illness. You will need to provide your name, employee ID number, and the date and reason for your absence.

What Is a Sick Leave Request?

A sick leave request is a formal request to take time off from work due to illness. You can submit a sick leave request to your manager or HR department.

How Many Days Can You Call in Sick?

FedEx provides sick days, but the number varies depending on the employee’s role. Corporate employees have unlimited sick days, while some other employees reported getting up to 80 hours (or two weeks) of sick time each year.


FedEx, as a global logistics leader, emphasizes the well-being of its employees with structured sick leave policies. 

While corporate roles benefit from unlimited sick days, other employees accrue paid time based on hours worked. These can be flexibly used for sickness, vacations, or unforeseen events.

However, the exact specifications of these policies, including pay structures, vary across roles and locations. 

Employees must stay informed by consulting their contracts and reaching out to HR for any nuances. By staying active, they can ensure their health without compromising their earnings.

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