Have you ever ordered something from another country and checked its shipping status? One update you might see is Processed Through Facility ISC Chicago IL (USPS). It sounds technical, right? But don’t worry, it’s a common update many people see.

Basically, this means your package has reached a major sorting facility in Chicago. At this center, packages from other countries get checked and sorted. 

It’s an important step before your package heads to its final U.S. destination. By understanding this status, you’ll know your package is on its way and has reached a key checkpoint. 

In this article, we will discuss what all of this really means and why it matters for your package. So, without any further ado, Let’s get started.

What does processed through facility ISC Chicago il USPS mean

Key Takeaways:

  1. “Processed Through Facility ISC Chicago IL USPS” indicates a package’s entry into the U.S. customs clearance stage.
  2. Delays can arise from package details, origin, volume, and even staffing levels at the facility.
  3. After the Chicago IL International Distribution Center, the package progresses to the next delivery facility near the recipient.
  4. If a package seems stuck, it’s often best to wait, but contacting USPS can provide clarity and assistance.

What Does Processed Through Facility Isc Chicago IL USPS Mean?

When a package is “Processed Through Facility ISC Chicago IL (USPS),” it means the package has arrived at an International Service Center (ISC) in Chicago and is going through customs checks. 

This Chicago facility is one of several ISCs where international packages entering the U.S. are sorted and inspected before moving on to their next destination.

After reaching the ISC in Chicago, each package undergoes a routine check to ensure it meets all customs regulations. 

It’s an essential step to maintain security and compliance. Once cleared, the package is handed over to the United States Postal Service (USPS) for further sorting and delivery. 

So, when you see this status update, it signifies your package is in the middle of its journey, having reached a major transit point in the U.S. awaiting customs clearance.

Remember, while it’s a standard procedure for international packages, delays can sometimes occur based on the package’s content or a high volume of mail. If there’s no update for several days, contacting USPS customer support can offer more insights.

How Long Does a Package Stay In ISC Chicago?

A package spends about 24 to 72 hours in the ISC Chicago facility. This time frame allows for the package to undergo customs inspections and verifications. 

It’s important to remember that these checks are a standard protocol to ensure the security and compliance of every item entering the U.S.

However, sometimes packages may experience longer waits. This could be due to a surge in mail volume, specific issues with a package’s documentation, or concerns raised during the customs inspection. 

Despite occasional delays, most packages move on to their next destination within 2-3 days of arrival at the ISC. 

If you notice your package has been at the facility for more than 7 days, it’s a good idea to contact USPS customer support for further information.

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Why do packages seem to be stuck or take longer to update?

Always having fully filled-in documentation fastens the process. Incomplete or incorrect paperwork can result in delays and slow down the process.

The package’s origin, specifically the country it has come from, also plays a role. Some countries might be subject to more rigorous checks for various reasons, political, economic, or related to safety standards. 

The size and weight of the package can be another determinant. Larger or heavier packages might need extended inspection or different handling methods.

Economic aspects like whether tax or duties are owed on the package can also introduce delays. Awaiting confirmation or payment might keep the parcel a bit longer. 

Furthermore, practical aspects such as staffing levels at the facility and the sheer volume of packages arriving can lead to backlogs, especially during peak times or holiday seasons.

External factors like weather disruptions or technical glitches can impact the scanning and updating of tracking information. So wait a few days; the USPS team will sort everything out, and the package will run like before. If they need anything, they might contact you for that.

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Where Does Package Go After Departing Chicago IL International Distribution Center?

After departing the ISC Chicago IL International Distribution Center, the package is forwarded to its next destination within the USPS network. 

Typically, it’s routed to a regional or local distribution center that’s closest to the recipient’s address. The package is further sorted and processed at this distribution center to be dispatched to more localized distribution points or directly to the local post office for final delivery. 

The objective is to ensure that each package travels the most efficient route to reach its end destination. Once it leaves the Chicago Distribution Center, it will be delivered in 1-2 days, depending on the delivery type.

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ISC Chicago IL USPS Is Holding My Package or Mail; What Should I Do?

Packages at ISC Chicago undergo a series of checks and verifications, especially if they arrive from international locations. Sometimes, this can lead to slight delays, but it’s all part of ensuring safe and accurate delivery.

First and foremost, patience is key. Most packages are released within 72 hours. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s stuck if it hasn’t been updated for 5-7 days. Instead, consider contacting USPS customer support for clarification about your package.

Remember that various factors, like package volume or staffing levels, can influence processing times. Always ensure your package’s documentation is accurate to avoid additional delays. If prolonged, contact customer support to guide you to the next steps.

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What Is the USPS Chicago International Distribution Center?

The USPS Chicago International Distribution Center (ISC Chicago) is a large sorting and distribution center for international packages. It is located in Chicago, Illinois, and is one of the busiest ISCs in the United States.

How Long Does a Package Stay at an International Distribution Center?

Most packages will be processed and shipped within 1-3 days of arriving at the ISC. The amount of time a package stays at an international distribution center will vary depending on a number of factors,

What Happens at USPS International Distribution Center?

When an international package arrives at the facility in ISC Chicago, it is scanned and processed. Customs clearance is also completed at this stage. Next, it is sorted and loaded onto a plane or ship for international shipment.


In Conclusion, this status is a routine checkpoint for packages entering the U.S., ensuring they undergo necessary verifications like customs checks.

Delays can occasionally happen, influenced by package volume, origin, size, documentation, and even staffing. Usually, you will receive your package in 1-2 days after it departs from the Chicago Distribution center. 

If you think your package is stuck, please consider customer support for more information about your package. But it’s essential to remember that most packages do move forward within a reasonable timeframe. Sometimes, there are some unexpected delays, which are negligible in most cases.

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