If you’ve ever eagerly awaited a package, you know the drill: constantly refreshing that FedEx tracking page. Usually, FedEx tracking is your lifeline, giving you up-to-the-minute updates on your shipment’s journey.

But that feeling turns to frustration when your FedEx tracking stops updating. Suddenly, you’re left in the dark about your package’s whereabouts. Is it stuck? Lost? Did something go wrong? It’s a stressful situation, especially if you’re waiting on something important.

Don’t worry – we’re here to help! In this article, we’re tackling the mystery of “Why FedEx tracking is not updating>” We’ll dig into the common reasons, explain why this frustrating issue happens, and give you the solutions you need to get those updates flowing again.

Why is FedEx not updating tracking

Why is FedEx not updating tracking?

FedEx tracking can sometimes appear frozen, leaving you in the dark about your package’s status. This issue often arises from the nature of FedEx’s tracking system. FedEx scans packages primarily at key points, such as warehouses or distribution centers, unlike constant, real-time updates during transit. 

This means that your package may be in transit even when it seems like there are no updates.

FedEx’s tracking process involves scanning packages at specific points in their journey, which might not occur frequently during long-distance travel. Consequently, you might not see updates for over 24 hours, especially when your package is en route across significant distances.

It’s crucial to understand that your package is likely progressing toward its destination even when the tracking appears unmoving.

So, if you’re wondering why FedEx tracking is not updating, it’s often due to the inconsistent scanning process rather than an actual lack of progress. Keep in mind that this tracking behavior is not uncommon, and in most cases, your package is on its way, even if the updates don’t immediately reflect it.

When to Expect Delivery:

Having addressed why FedEx tracking may appear unavailable, let’s examine when you can expect your package to arrive.

When trying to predict your delivery date, patience’s essential. FedEx advises waiting at least 24 hours for tracking information to update after shipping. This waiting period accounts for potential delays before the courier picks up your package. However, there’s more to it than just the initial waiting game.

Initial 24-Hour Period: A critical time frame is the first 24 hours after shipment. During this period, there may be delays before your package is picked up, resulting in a lack of immediate tracking updates. It’s essential to exercise patience during this phase.

Tracking During Transit: Once your package is in transit, tracking updates can vary. While some updates may occur near-real-time following scans, others may be less frequent, especially for packages covering long distances. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t see updates for a day or more; your package is likely on the move.

Understanding your FedEx shipment’s estimated arrival time requires patience and awareness of the dynamic tracking process. By adhering to the 24-hour waiting guideline and comprehending the nuances of tracking during transit, you can better manage your expectations and eagerly await your package’s arrival.

Reasons Behind FedEx Package Not Moving 

There are a few reasons why your FedEx tracking information may not be updated. Here are some of the most common ones:

The package is still in transit: Packages are scanned at various points along their journey, but it’s not unusual for there to be a gap of 24 hours or more between scans. This is especially true for packages that are traveling long distances.

The package is being held at a FedEx facility: This could be for several reasons, such as the package being awaiting customs clearance, waiting to be loaded onto a flight, or waiting to be delivered to the final destination.

The weather is bad: Severe weather can sometimes delay package deliveries. If there is a storm or other inclement weather in the area where your package is located, it may not be scanned until the weather clears.

It is a holiday: FedEx does not deliver packages on all holidays. If your package is scheduled to be delivered on a holiday, it may not be scanned until the next business day.

There is a system outage: Occasionally, system outages can affect FedEx tracking. If this is the case, you will not be able to see any updates until the outage is resolved.

Moreover, The frequency of tracking updates can vary depending on the shipping service you choose. For example, FedEx Ground packages are scanned less often than FedEx Express packages.

If you are tracking a package internationally, it may take longer for the tracking information to update. This is because packages can travel through multiple countries before reaching their destination.

How often does FedEx update tracking?

Tracking your FedEx package can sometimes feel like waiting for a clock to tick. Understanding how often FedEx updates its tracking information is crucial to managing your expectations.

FedEx’s tracking updates occur when packages are scanned at specific points in their journey. 

These scans typically happen at warehouses or distribution centers between pickup and delivery. The frequency of these scans can vary.

During shorter journeys, you may receive tracking updates that seem almost real-time following each scan. However, for packages traveling long distances, it’s normal for more than 24 hours to pass without an update. 

This is especially true when packages are in transit and have not reached their next scanning or delivery location.

Driver actions can sometimes result in a lack of scanning updates. Drivers may choose not to scan packages immediately, especially if they are busy. While this might cause delays in tracking updates, it doesn’t mean your package isn’t moving towards its destination.

In essence, the frequency of FedEx tracking updates depends on the package’s journey, with scans occurring at various points along the way. Understanding this process can alleviate concerns when tracking seems to lag, as it often indicates your package is still on the move, even without immediate updates.

How Long Does it Take for FedEx Tracking to Update?

Waiting for FedEx tracking to update can feel like an eternity, especially when eagerly waiting for a package. So, let’s delve into the precise time frames you should expect when it comes to tracking updates.

When you send a package via FedEx, it’s important to note that tracking updates aren’t real-time. FedEx advises waiting a minimum of 24 hours after shipment for tracking information to start updating. This waiting period accounts for potential delays before the courier picks up your package, and it’s a critical patience test for any package recipient.

Once your package is in transit, the frequency of tracking updates depends on its journey. You may see almost real-time updates following each scan at warehouses or distribution centers for shorter distances. 

However, for packages covering long distances, it’s entirely normal for more than 24 hours to pass between updates. This occurs as your package moves toward its next scanning or delivery location.

The time frame at which FedEx tracking updates varies, ranging from a 24-hour waiting period after shipment to a discrepancy in update frequency during transit. Setting realistic expectations about these timeframes will ease your stress while your package is on its way to you.

What to do When FedEx Tracking is Not Updating?

FedEx tracking issues can be frustrating, so take proactive measures to resolve the issue and regain your peace of mind.

Check Your Tracking Number: First and foremost, ensure that you’re using the correct tracking number. Surprisingly, many tracking issues arise from entering an incorrect number, leading to inaccurate results.

Opt for the FedEx Website Over the Mobile App:Next, opt for tracking through the FedEx website rather than the mobile app. The website updates approximately every 15 minutes, providing more timely information. The app, on the other hand, may lag in showing movement.

Check Estimated Delivery Time: Keep an eye on your package’s location and the estimated delivery time. If the estimated delivery date has changed from the initial estimate, your package may have been rerouted. This can lead to tracking issues.

Contact a FedEx Representative: If you’ve tried all these troubleshooting steps and your package isn’t updating, it’s time to contact a FedEx representative. You can contact FedEx customer service at 1 (800) 463-3339.

They can provide you with the most up-to-date information about your package and help resolve any tracking issues.


How long does FedEx take to update tracking?

FedEx tracking updates vary. Wait at least 24 hours post-shipment, and updates during transit can range from near-real-time for short journeys to over 24 hours for long distances.

Why is FedEx taking so long?

FedEx may appear slow due to intermittent scanning. Packages are scanned at key points, resulting in varying update frequencies during transit.

Why is FedEx SmartPost not updating?

Don’t worry if your FedEx SmartPost package isn’t moving. The tracking information will be updated as soon as the package reaches the next location and is scanned. Tracking information is updated in real-time as soon as the package reaches the next location.

Does FedEx send tracking updates?

FedEx provides tracking updates, but their frequency depends on the package’s journey, leading to varying update intervals.

How long does it take for package tracking to update?

Package tracking updates typically start within 24 hours after shipment, but update frequency varies during transit, especially for long journeys.

Why does FedEx take so long to update tracking?

There is a frequency of scanning packages between pickup and delivery. It’s not unusual for a shipment to go for over 24 hours without an update while it’s traveling. However, The delay is particularly true during times of long journeys.

Is it normal for tracking not to update?

Yes, it’s normal for tracking to not update immediately, especially during long-distance transit. Updates occur at specific scanning points, leading to varying intervals.


It can be confusing to figure out why FedEx tracking is not updating. However, you can overcome this frustration with a little knowledge, patience, and some proactive steps.

Understanding that FedEx tracking updates occur intermittently, especially during long journeys. 

Patience is crucial as you wait for the initial 24 hours to pass after shipment. Your expected real-time updates may not appear until your package reaches its next scanning or delivery point.

So, what should you do when FedEx tracking stalls? 

Start by verifying your tracking number, use the FedEx website for timely updates, enable location services on the mobile app, and monitor the estimated delivery time. If issues persist, don’t hesitate to contact a FedEx representative for assistance.

Now that you are aware of these tips, you can easily turn tracking hiccups into just an inconvenience on the road. Share these tips with others facing similar tracking challenges and help to smooth out the package tracking process.

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