When making an Amazon online purchase, the expectation usually revolves around receiving a single item, rather than an unexpected duplicate Basically “Amazon sent two of the same item“.

This scenario, although not uncommon, can be confusing when it occurs. Even those well-versed in online shopping have encountered situations where expectations don’t align with reality.

Nevertheless, such occurrences are often easily resolved. If you ever face this situation, don’t worry — this guide will shed light on the appropriate steps to take.

From reaching out to Amazon’s customer service to navigating the process of managing the two duplicate items, this article provides essential guidance for resolving the issue.

Amazon sent two of the same item

Amazon sent too many items: What should I do in 2023?

Call Amazon’s customer service to explain if they shipped you two of the same item even though you only paid for one. Either they’ll ask you to return the second item or they’ll let you keep both while just charging you for one.

The smartest way you should do this is to get in touch with Amazon’s Customer Service and explain the situation if you received a duplicate purchase and haven’t paid for it.

Depending on the scenario and the individual, what they instruct you to do next may vary. The majority of the time, Amazon will advise you to keep the item if its worth is less than a particular threshold. 

You may retain both goods without having to pay anything. They’ll probably ask you to return the item if it’s a pricey one.

Amazon sent me two of the same items – can I keep both?

If Amazon sent you two items, you can keep both, but you should confirm this by calling Amazon. Even though you don’t ask Amazon and keep that item with you, nothing will happen to you. 

Legally, you can keep both items. The FTC claims that customers do not even need to inform the vendor of the erroneously delivered goods. Furthermore, retailers are not permitted to demand payment for items that arrive in an unexpected sequence.

Amazon’s Duplicate Order Policy

You have the legal right to retain whatever you get as a gift that you didn’t order. Legally, you are not required to inform the seller.

You might be concerned that simply maintaining a duplicate order that you haven’t paid for could get you in legal jeopardy. However, things aren’t like that. To inform them that you’ve received a duplicate order, you don’t need to call Amazon Customer Service. 

Nevertheless, doing so is extremely lovely, especially if you have copies of highly costly products. In the end, the wisest course of action in this circumstance is to rely solely on your own opinion.

Why Does Amazon Allows You Keep Items That Are Under a Specific Value?

When Amazon unintentionally sends you multiple things, they frequently advise you to retain them. These are often goods with a lower price tag. Because keeping the item rather than returning it would ultimately cost you less money, Amazon wants you to comply. 

Return fees might mount up very quickly. If the item’s worth is below a specific threshold, letting you retain it will save them more time and money. 

Overall, keeping these less expensive products rather than returning them will make things considerably simpler for Amazon.

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What should one do if an Amazon order is sent twice?

Call Amazon’s customer service to explain the matter if they shipped you two of the same item even though you only paid for one. Either they’ll ask you to return the second item or let you keep both while just charging you for one.

Can I keep a duplicate shipment?

The Federal Trade Commission states that as a free gift, you are entitled to keep it. Additionally, sellers aren’t allowed to request payment for things that arrive in an unplanned sequence, and the FTC asserts that buyers are not required to notify the vendor of the incorrectly delivered goods.

What to do if a company sends you two of the same item?

Legally, you are not required to inform the vendor. A note to the corporation explaining that you did not order the item and that you are thus entitled to keep it for free is an excellent suggestion.

Can you keep something sent to you by mistake?

In most cases, you are completely permitted to retain them. Law is actually on your side as well. By law, you will not be required to pay for or return things that were provided to you in error.


It is not required by law to notify Amazon or send back a duplicate order you did not pay for. Even so, informing Amazon that the item has been received is often advisable. 

Amazon will frequently merely advise you to retain both things. I’ve concluded from my study that if an item is out of stock, Amazon will probably ship you two things. Amazon utilizes a system while deciding which things to deliver to a consumer, although the system occasionally makes mistakes.

So this was all about “Amazon sent two of the same item“, I hope you got the answer. If you have any queries related to it, comment down below and if you liked the post, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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