Amazon orders are the best – the ease, the tracking, that “arriving today” feeling! But sometimes, that excitement turns to confusion. You check the status, and your package is “arriving today,” yet it hasn’t even left for delivery.

What gives? Don’t stress – this happens a lot, and there’s usually a simple explanation. Let’s dive into why Amazon delivery updates can seem off and get you back to anticipating that package on your doorstep!

Why Does My Package Say Arriving Today But Not Out For Delivery

Key Takeaways:

  1. “Arriving today” means the order is in Amazon’s facility and expected to be delivered by day’s end.
  2. Deliveries typically occur between 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., ensuring a wide window for package arrivals.
  3. “Out for delivery” indicates the package is on the delivery truck en route to the recipient.
  4. A “Delivery Attempted” status suggests a delivery effort was made, but some issues prevented success.

Why Does My Package Say Arriving Today but Not Out for Delivery?

The Package has a Status of “Arriving today” but its delivery status is Not “Out for delivery.” This indication means the package is at the local facility and lined up for delivery today but has not yet been loaded onto the delivery vehicle.

Potential Causes for this could be high package volumes, sorting delays, or prioritized deliveries at the sorting facility. Delivery companies rely on third-party delivery services, and these Third-Party delivery services have their own systems and timing.

In this scenario, the package might be at the local hub and ready to be dispatched, but the delivery vehicle has not left for its route yet; hence, the “Out for delivery” status is missing.

Additionally, Tracking systems might not update in real time, which can lead to an inconsistency between the status displayed and the actual location of the Package. While TrackingTools are handy, they are not flawless, and occasional issues are common.

Therefore, the recommendation is that if the status persists or there is a significant delay in the Package’s arrival, it is advisable to contact the carrier or seller and inquire about the delivery status.

How Late Can an Amazon Package Go Out for Delivery?

Amazon packages typically get delivered anytime between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. While morning deliveries are common, there are instances where packages can be dispatched late, leading to late-night deliveries. 

Various factors, such as the driver’s number of deliveries on their route, traffic conditions, or even unexpected delays, can influence the timing.

For packages requiring a signature or scheduled delivery, professional drivers will generally make their approach between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. to ensure they don’t disturb customers during odd hours. 

If the tracking indicates an expected delivery by 10 p.m., it means the delivery personnel will try their best to reach you by that time.

If you’re awaiting an important package and the clock is ticking, keeping an eye on the tracking updates is beneficial. 

If there are notable delays or if the package doesn’t arrive by the specified time, reaching out to Amazon’s customer service can provide additional insights.

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How Long Does a Package Take After It Says Out for Delivery?

When Amazon’s tracking system marks a package as “Out for Delivery,” it indicates that the package has been loaded onto the delivery vehicle and is en route to its final destination. 

A package will be delivered within a few hours after this status update. However, the exact duration can vary based on several factors.

The delivery route, the number of stops the driver has, and local traffic conditions are important in determining the wait time. In highly populated areas or during peak shopping seasons, slight delays can be expected due to the huge volume of delivered packages.

While most customers receive their packages within the day of the “Out for Delivery” status, it’s always advisable to monitor the tracking details for real-time updates.

What Time Does Amazon Start Delivering in the Morning?

Most Amazon delivery trucks begin their routes as early as 8:00 a.m. On Sundays, deliveries start around 9:00 a.m. This early start allows Amazon to maximize its delivery window and efficiently fulfill the needs of its massive customer base.

Several factors can influence the exact start time for morning deliveries. These include the local delivery volume, the specific region or locality’s guidelines, and the driver’s scheduled daily route. 

For instance, in residential areas, drivers are usually careful and avoid making deliveries too early to prevent disturbing residents.

Always keep an eye on your tracking information for a better idea of your package’s expected arrival time.

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What Differs Between Amazon Arriving Today and Amazon Out for Delivery?

When Amazon states that a package is “arriving today,” it signifies a commitment to deliver the item to you within the day. The package might still be at the warehouse, fulfillment center, or possibly even on a delivery truck. 

This label gives you a heads-up that, while your package hasn’t begun its final trip to your home, you will get it by day’s end.

On the other hand, “out for delivery” is more specific. This status means your package has already been loaded onto the final delivery truck and is en route to your address. 

When you see this status, you can usually expect your package within a few hours, given that there aren’t any unforeseen delays.

While both statuses promise delivery on the same day, “out for delivery” is a more immediate alert, indicating your package is on its final journey to your doorstep.

What Happens if the Status Changes to “Delivery Attempted”?

“Delivery Attempted” says that the delivery personnel made an effort to hand over your package but faced some issues. The reasons can vary, such as you weren’t at home or an access issue might have prevented the courier from reaching your doorstep. Other times, a misplaced mailbox or an incorrect address can be some reason.

In such scenarios, Amazon or the delivery company usually leaves a notice or sends an email detailing the attempted delivery. 

It’s vital to check these notifications as they may guide you on the next steps, whether it’s a rescheduled delivery or a prompt for you to pick up the package from a nearby location.

To avoid missed deliveries, ensure your address is accurate and consider using Amazon’s delivery instructions to guide the driver, especially if your location has specific regulations.

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Why Does My Amazon Package Say Arriving Today but Hasn’t Been Shipped?

Amazon may still be processing your order, or the tracking information may not be updated yet.

What Is the Latest Amazon Package That Will Go Out for Delivery?

Amazon typically ships packages until the end of the business day. However, there may be exceptions, such as during peak shipping times or if there is a problem with the package.

Why Does My USPS Package Say Arriving Today but Not Out for Delivery?

It may still be processed at the distribution center, on its way to the delivery office, or delayed due to weather or other factors. Track it on the USPS website or contact customer service for more information.

What Does It Mean When Amazon Says Arriving by 10 p.m.?

When Amazon says a package is arriving by 10 p.m., it means it is expected to be delivered to the customer’s address by the end of the day on the specified date.

Can Amazon Packages Come After 10 p.m.?

Amazon packages can come after 10 p.m., but this is rare. Amazon typically delivers packages between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m., but there may be exceptions during peak shipping times or if there is a problem with the delivery.

Can Amazon Packages Arrive at Midnight?

It is extremely rare for Amazon packages to arrive at midnight. Amazon typically delivers packages between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m.; no shipping methods guarantee delivery by midnight.


Amazon has many ways to tell you about your order’s progress. When it says “arriving today” but isn’t “out for delivery,” it means your order is ready at their place and should come to you by the end of the day.

They deliver things from 8 am to 10 pm. So, when something is “out for delivery,” it’s on the truck and coming your way. 

But sometimes, there might be problems. If you see “Delivery Attempted,” it means they tried to bring your order, but something went wrong.

Understanding these messages helps you know what’s happening with your order. It’s good to know so you can plan your day and not worry about your package.

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